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@Gary: I don't hate Grady Little either. I think he's a good man and
a good manager on the offensive side of the ball & for club morale.
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@Don: I have misgivings about Twitter too, but like Billy Bragg said,
"This is the future and you can't run from it."
From: Giovanni Wassen on
bismotwitter wrote:

> @Giovanni: I didn't mean to offend any atheists by mentioning God.
> For what it's worth, I do believe He exists and will redeem all of us

I'm not an atheist, I'm agnostic.


From: Tristan daCunha on
Gio; Don't you see God when you're toking killer weed? C'mon
nowwwww,'fess uppppppp!
You saw him on about the 3rd or 4th hit.
You can tell me <G>
I won't tell anyone! (promise).

From: bismotwitter on
@Giovanni: That's interesting. If you don't my asking, how come you
don't believe in God?