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>> ># Watching Kevin Cash bat in a key spot makes me seriously ill.
>> >Goddammit Theo, can we at least have one catcher who can hit?
>> We can. But they are both on the DL.
>He said a "catcher" who can "hit". The guys you refer to - ones a
>senior citizen and the other is best suited for DH.

I know what he said. And regardless of what you say, Martinez is a
catcher and can hit. And Tek was doing very well for a backup catcher.
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>> # Don't read much into Manuel's demotion. �They just wanted a fresh
>> bullpen arm. Mr. Francona likes Manuel & should get him back later.
>Gone for a minumum of 15 days unless another Red Sox pitcher goes on
>the DL. On the bright side Francoma cleverly got to insert Cabrera in
>the game at a critical moment.

You can blame Wakefield, not Francona, for that.
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@Ray: Hey, if Kevin Cash ever stars in a remake of Mr. Belvedere, all
is forgiven!
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@Gnork: Mr. Francona seems to feel compelled to use his "new toys"
immediately. Tonight it worked with Delcarmen. Last night was rubbish.
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@Gary: Yes, Wakefield is just about done in my opinion, and stints
like that kill the pen. But what about Theo--why Cabrera, not Bowden?