From: bismotwitter on
@Gary: I'm comfortable with Cabrera in no situation. He's a gutless
puke. My bigger issue is with Theo for calling him up.
From: bismotwitter on
@Ray: No argument here. Julian Tavarez is gruesomely ugly--though I
loved looking at his face after Bellhorn's HR in Game 1 of 2004 WS.
From: Tristan daCunha on
Bishole; When would you "pull" Strasbabe?
Be specific...

From: The Gnorkmeister on
On Jul 17, 7:28 pm, bismotwitter <bi...(a)> wrote:
> @Gnork: Mr. Francona seems to feel compelled to use his "new toys"
> immediately. Tonight it worked with Delcarmen. Last night was rubbish.

Two trips to Boston, zero appearances---Fabio Castro.
Once-Al Embree
From: The Gnorkmeister on
On Jul 17, 7:30 pm, bismotwitter <bi...(a)> wrote:
> @Gnork: LOL!  Otis Nixon is without question the ugliest player ever
> to don a Red Sox uniform!

If not, I really feel sorry for the other guy.