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> Gio says in part:
> <<You are not strange, you are Don.>>
> I LOVE IT!!! And may incorporate into a new sig line. (The present
> one is rather stale don't you think?) May I give you credit?

No need for credit, use it like you want :)


From: bismotwitter on
@Giovanni: I didn't mean to offend any atheists by mentioning God.
For what it's worth, I do believe He exists and will redeem all of us
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@Gary: Of course we don't know what Theo has offered or been offered.
But every year bad teams trade useful veterans for minor leaguers.
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@Gary: Go back year by year. Teams trade A-ball players for decent
veterans all the time. Dan Duquette made dozens of these deals.
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@Gary: The point isn't to get someone as good as Pedroia or Victor;
it's to get someone better than Niuman or Gustavo.