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@Gary: ..., Willingham, Fukudome, Crisp, Camp, Dotel, Downs, Lyon,
Heilman, Coffey, Breslow, Ohman. Many of them should be available.
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@Gary: Many won't cost more than a couple of A-ball semi-prospects, as
their teams want to retool and save some money.
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@Gary: As for "What happens to my new 2B when Pedroia comes back?"
Who cares? Team is better while Dustin is out; bench is better after.
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@Gary: If we were in a different situation, sure, it's fine to lay
back and wait. But we're battling the Yanks and Tampa Bay.
From: Giovanni Wassen on
bismotwitter wrote:

> @Don: I just fear that if Theo is too patient--and God only knows when
> some of these guys actually get back--both races may be lost.

God doesn't excist, otherwise he would have stopped your childish 'tweet'
stuff a long time ago. Grow up Bismo, you are getting annoying.