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>>>>>>> I cannot stand the orange alternate unis...and btw...I thought they were
>>>>>>> only going to be wearing them on Friday home games. Having the Orioles
>>>>>>> wear theirs (black tops)on the same night made the event look like a
>>>>>>> company softball game.
>>>>>>> Let me be real clear: I hate all alternate unis that clubs wear. It's
>>>>>>> not a matter of what color the jersey is...that's basically a function
>>>>>>> of whatever the team's color is/colors are (each team has either 1 or 2
>>>>>>> colors). This is something that a lot of people get sidetracked
>>>>>>> on....commenting on the specific color that the jersey is. The specific
>>>>>>> color is not the main point and is more of a secondary point; the main
>>>>>>> point IMHO, is the break from the traditional look where the pants and
>>>>>>> jersey match (white at home / gray on the road) it just looks tacky and
>>>>>>> not like the major leagues.
>>>>>>> Of course this is really superficial and not really a big deal. <g>
>>>>>>> What's really sort of ridiculous is how some teams do this. For
>>>>>>> instance, I seem to recall that when the Astros moved to their new
>>>>>>> ballpark they had posted on their website what appeared to be a
>>>>>>> 'wardrobe schedule' about which uniform they'd wear when. Of course
>>>>>>> there were the home and away unis. But within those two major groupings
>>>>>>> there were a whole slew of variations depending on whether it was a day
>>>>>>> or night game, weekday or weekend game....sheesh.
>>>>>>> -jon rossen
>>>>>> The ugly orange uniforms were are part of a "Halloween in June"
>>>>>> promotion. According to Henry, "Can't handle it." So he didn't like
>>>>>> it either. What the heck, I think I'll put the question to him and
>>>>>> see if equates ugly orange uniforms with success. BTW, the Giants
>>>>>> are only a half game behind the Pads.
>>>>> Hmmm...that 'Halloween in June' thing is a weird twist on the taunts
>>>>> some of my Dodger fan friends used to toss at me. They'd always tell me
>>>>> that the only time you see black and orange in October is at Halloween.
>>>>> That's OK...I'll be laughing sometime this week at them (hopefully)
>>>>> when the Celtics win the NBA championship! (oh, please, please, please).
>>>>> Yeah, I've been following the standings too...I'm not letting the
>>>>> uniforms distract me. <g>
>>>>> Keep in mind my point wasn't that the fact that the jerseys are Orange
>>>>> specifically. My main point is that they strayed from the traditional
>>>>> uniform look and went to an 'alternate' uniform. I'd have the same
>>>>> problem with it if the Giant's main team color was blue and the jerseys
>>>>> were blue or if their main team color was red and the jerseys were red.
>>>>> On the other hand, having a garish orange as your jersey color is
>>>>> perhaps a good way to simply 'mock' the entire concept of having
>>>>> alternate uniforms. Or...if you are going to have a tacky approach to
>>>>> displaying a uniform, (going non-traditional) you might as well do it
>>>>> with an 'over the top' color.
>>>>> -jon rossen
>>>> Straying from traditional uniforms is all about marketing and sales.
>>>> There is no faithfulness to tradition anymore. It's all about
>>>> creating new uniforms to rack up money for MLB.
>>>> Even with that garish neon orange, I didn't pay much attention to it
>>>> until you mentioned it and I focused more on the uniforms than the
>>>> game. They don't look right. With all the designers and analysts
>>>> that teams use to create new looks, you think they could have done
>>>> better.
>>>> Oh the Celtics laid a massive psych jon on the Lakers. LA could still
>>>> win it all, but the Celtics have to the advantage now and pretty much
>>>> a replay of 2008.
>>>> Oh the Celtics laid a massive psych jon on the Lakers.
>>> Hey, thanks for the mention!! <g>
>>> I don't see how any design change or designer could 'fix' the garish
>>> colors of the alternate unis. The formula is always the same: create a
>>> new jersey with a solid color out of the main color of the team. The
>>> only other type of alternate jersey the Giants had in the past was the
>>> black top. (since their other color is black) I think they wore that on
>>> Fri. nights at home as well. I seem to recall that it may have been '02
>>> when they went to the WS....but not 100% sure at all.
>>> -jon rossen
>> Watch today'sgame. They should be back to home colors after the promo
>> thing yesterday. Any excuse is a good excuse to see another high
>> priced shirt. The last time I visited the dugout store, I went for
>> traditional colors and combinations. About the only solid orange
>> shirt I picked went to someone else ... a gift of sorts. Although, my
>> favorite is solid orange with the "BEAT LA" on the front in blue
>> lettering. I wear that one to work to irritate Dodger fans. I works
>> quite well for that.
>I have to admit that I did wear my only orange Giants t-shirt to the
>game on Sunday. I don't think it was quite as bright of an orange as
>the players were wearing. I did buy it at a Giants dugout store.
>Actually I bought it in '03 when they were pushing for folks to wear
>orange to the ballpark...was it an 'Orange Friday' thing back then? Or
>was it the 'I see orange people' campaign? In any event, I bought it
>because I was working right near a dugout store and I got caught up in
>playoff fever when they were playing the Marlins....and we all know what
>happened then, huh? After that every time I wore that f***ing thing,
>they lost!! In fact one afternoon I actually *touched* the damn thing
>in my t-shirt drawer while putting away clean t-shirts after doing
>laundry and the Giants lost later that day. So.....I thought that I'd
>wear it to the ballpark to see if the improved Giants could break the
>curse on this t-shirt....they did and I was very pleased!! (btw. this
>particular t-shirt has 'GIANTS' in an 'arc' on the front in the same
>basic font as what the team wears on their home jerseys. There is also
>a small 'SAN FRANCISCO' above the 'GIANTS')
>-jon rossen

Some people are so self-centered that they think everything is aimed
at them. One of them thought I wore the shirt was a slap at her. I
told her not to take herself so seriously, that I could care less
about her and where she lived or where she was from. If it bothered
her, she'd just have to lear to live with it, or go our manager and
explain herself. That pretty much capped the whole thing. :)

BTW, I wore the shirt today and the Giants won in impressive fashion.
Perhaps I should see about getting some new ones for the other 6 days
of the week?
From: Awesome Lincecum on
Of course, it's all about selling more jerseys. Other sports do this
too, because it's an easy way to make money. As I recall, one year the
49ers played well wearing their retro uni that they decided to keep
wearing it every game. Did I remember that right? The Warriors' retro
uni has been selling like hotcakes. In fact, it's been so popular that
the Warriors are changing their team logo to the retro look for next
season. The Giants orange is a personal taste matter, but judging from
the sea of orange jerseys that I see on TV on Friday nights, it's been
a ringing success for the team's pocketbook.