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Burrell's done it AGAIN (and again, and again)
Burrell has done it AGAIN (and again, and again, ...) I heard from Fox News that Burrell has driven in the game winning run in the Giants' last 3 victories. Then I heard on NBC news that Burrell has driven in the decisive run in 4 of their last 6 wins. Not sure how accurate that is, but I hope he has changed... 12 Aug 2010 03:55
Barry ZIto said ...
"He wants it really bad. That's what we need right now, guys stepping up and having that hunger," pitcher Barry Zito said. "Every game is huge." Read more: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/n/a/2010/08/11/sports/s215533D75.DTL#ixzz0wN4lpquf Too bad you didn't pitch that way, ya Schmuck! ... 12 Aug 2010 03:55
A Different Hero Every Night - Tonight it's Edgar Renteria!
That's all the Giants needed to win the game 2-0 and sweep the Dodgers! ... 4 Aug 2010 18:03
BTW ... Sabean's a damn genius!
The Giants are now where they haven't been in over seven years ... 15 games over .500! They have pitching, they've got pitching, all they need is a healthy bullpen. ... 7 Aug 2010 05:05
Zito the headcase
Today vs. bums the guy is pitching nicely sets down the first 8 bums in a row, then he goes ahead and with 2 outs in the third and walks billingsley on 4 pitches. Where is that second half guy with an edge? ... 2 Aug 2010 07:06
giants trade big stud Joe Martinez from South Orange N.J.
They picked up a lefty reliever from the pirates.Martinez could become a starter for the pirates. The right-handed sinker baller just needs some innings to get going in the big leagues. ... 1 Aug 2010 13:48
Where's our big bat?
Bringing Sanchez in to relive tells that problems are with the bullpen. ... 1 Aug 2010 00:55
lets just keep throwing the same pitch to Uggla and see if one time he does not homer.
Ok either Posey keeps trying it, or the pitchers cannot hit a freakin spot, but each replay looks almost the same with the ball in the same place 3 were fastballs and one was a slider but they were all in the same spot. Just plain stupid. We have the lead so we will challenge him again. That is one way to ask f... 28 Jul 2010 21:49
I figured out why 3 giants pitchers grooved home run pitches to Uggla.
These guys want the giants brass to trade for Uggla. I do not think that the Fish are trading him. ... 28 Jul 2010 19:38
During the post-game wrap Krukow referred to the mayor's office as "hollow ground". Mike - the word is "hallowed". ... 1 Aug 2010 01:58
The Giants are undefeated when...
Joe Montana and his wife make out at the ballpark. It even overcame the sorry 1st inning blowup of Sanchez and 9th inning scare by Wilson. Simply amazing. If not for Montana, Sanchez would've given up 6 runs and 7 walks and gone by the 3rd inning. ... 4 Jul 2010 05:50
Maybe ugly uniforms = success
I cannot stand the orange alternate unis...and btw...I thought they were only going to be wearing them on Friday home games. Having the Orioles wear theirs (black tops)on the same night made the event look like a company softball game. Let me be real clear: I hate all alternate unis that clubs wear. It's ... 20 Jun 2010 17:55
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