From: Bruno Tiomboni on
Ok we are the Mets, not the Yankees but we really need to take a page
out of the Steinbrenner school of thought here. Let's roll some heads.

Manual is done and done, fire him immediately and replace with
Valentine or Backman.
Beltran has offered no chemistry to this team, trade him. Shutup, I
don't care, just trade him.
Castillo is also done and done.
So is Perez and Maine.

I don't care if you trade them, put them on waivers, whatever - they
are bringing this team down and killing the chemistry.
From: Fire Omar. Hire Bobby V on
get rid of all the washed up latinos. start with omar
From: montygraham on
Sorry, but I want the guys who don't come through in the clutch to be
gone, and Beltran has done that enough in his career to be an
"untouchable" on this team. Reyes and Wright are the big
disappointments. Bay is an enigma and should be benched in favor of
determining if any of the young players are any good, and Francoeur
should be traded for anything, or just released. It's time to tell
the players that they need to actually produce. Jerry seems incapable
of doing that, so he's got to go, but I have confidence he'll be gone
at the season's end. My question is how many more years are we going
to witness Reyes and Wright not coming through in the clutch, sitting
out long periods of time with "injuries" (Reyes), looking lost,
confused, or clueless, and throwing balls away on easy plays (Wright)?
From: Ruben Safir on
On Fri, 23 Jul 2010 13:38:05 -0700, montygraham wrote:

> Reyes and Wright are the big
> disappointments. Bay is an enigma and should be benched in favor of
> determining if any of the young players are any good,

wrong.... Reyes has been hurt but nothing more than slightly above
League Average hitter over his career anyway. If that disappoints, I
understand...but go out and find a better SS.

Wright has just been awesome this season and is going through a mini
slump. Bay has been a bit of an enigma, but I have little doubt that he
is going to scorch the league very soon.

From: montygraham on
It's not about being slightly above or below the league average. If
you get rid of Beltran and keep Wright and Reyes, then what happens
when it comes time to produce when the team needs a win to get into
the playoffs? I watched a historic collapse a few years back and a
terrible collapse right after that one. And you can go back and watch
the video of those games to see what Wright, Reyes, and Beltran did
(as well as what Beltran did with Houston in the playoffs). If you
want to play some sort of "fantasy" baseball with statistics, that's
fine, but it's not even getting the Mets into the playoffs, is it?
Now let me make this clear: if this team wants to be taken seriously,
there needs to be guys who have "been there and done that" on it.
Beltran has, whereas Wright and Reyes have not. I have no problem
keeping them on the team, but then a bunch of guys need go, and they
need to be replaced with guys like Beltran. Is that going to happen?
No, so the other idea is to see what some of the young players can do,
rather than having guys like Francoeur trot out there ever again.
Then, in a few years, Wright and Reyes may have matured and you've
figured out which young players can get the job done.