From: Ruben Safir on
Bruno Tiomboni <brunotiomboni(a)> wrote:
> Ok we are the Mets, not the Yankees but we really need to take a page
> out of the Steinbrenner school of thought here. Let's roll some heads.

No we don't. We need a different manager, I'll grant you. But what we
need is a patients...

> Manual is done and done, fire him immediately and replace with
> Valentine or Backman.
> Beltran has offered no chemistry to this team, trade him. Shutup, I
> don't care, just trade him.
> Castillo is also done and done.
> So is Perez and Maine.
> I don't care if you trade them, put them on waivers, whatever - they
> are bringing this team down and killing the chemistry.