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Masset Signs 2-Year Deal
The Reds avoided arbitration with Nick Masset by signing the right-handed reliever to a two-year, $2.58 million contract. Masset will make $1.035 million this year and $1.545 million in 2011. There are also performance-based incentives. This leaves Jared Burton as the Reds' only remaining arbitration-eligible pla... 19 Jan 2010 10:13
McGuire Admits Roid Use
Surprise Surprise, McGuire admits steroid use. Now that he needs to enter the Hall of Fame, he admits the use of these drugs that helped him hit many more homers. He is fake, a fraud and a phony who deserves nothing in return for this admisssion. McGuire never deserves to be a Hall Of Famer! ... 11 Jan 2010 16:35
2010 Hall of fame class is...
Andre Dawson.... Name Votes Pct. Andre Dawson 420 77.9% Bert Blyleven 400 74.2% Roberto Alomar 397 73.7% Jack Morris 282 52.3% Barry Larkin 278 51.6% Lee Smith 255 47.3% Edgar Martinez 195 36.2% Tim Raines 164 30.4% Mark McGwire 128 23.7% Alan Trammell 121 22.4% Fred McGriff 116 ... 7 Jan 2010 13:38
And to compete....
The cardinals sign Matt Holliday to a 7 year 120 million dollar deal. Matching the cardinals stride for stride, the reds signed Josh Anderson! There's nothing keeping those reds back, is there? Albert is gonna get.....20 million a year. dfs ... 7 Jan 2010 08:01
Bay To Mets
Jason Bay has signed a 4 year deal worth close to 68 million dollars that could be worth 80 million with a 5th year option. Red Sox backed off with Bay having a "bad" shoulder. All that Bay has to do is pass a physical that will make the deal final... Bay is a better defensive version than Adam Dunn. He strikes o... 31 Dec 2009 04:32
Is Ben Sheets worth a gamble?
I hear Sheets is looking for 12 million a year but nobody wants to risk signing him. I feel he might be worth the gamble as the guy when healthy brings legit # 1 stuff to the table. The Reds haven't had a legitimate #1 starter since Jose Rijo and that's a long time... This organization owes something to its fans.... 22 Jan 2010 09:35
Reiterate my prediction for clarification: >12/31/2009 .....01/24/2010< & > 02/10/2010....08/30/2010<
Alright dumbasses, I see you still don't get it. You put word in my mouth, then you set it off like I predicted thing the way you think. I want to make sure you smart asses really understand what I predicted and how important for you to pay attention!! It is not a joke! even though I laughed a lot, I laugh at yo... 27 Dec 2009 23:59
Nothing will happen in 2011, or 2012,only the remaining dickheads mourning for their loved ones.
"Edmond H. Wollmann" <EHWollmann(a)> wrote in message news:GZ-dnVkQpuXxsq3WnZ2dnUVZ_qadnZ2d(a)posted.toastnet... Yup yup! I have no doubt about this prediction....Heehee... Edmond H. Wollmann Astrological Consultant Posting with these basic understandings is greatly appreciated.... 21 Dec 2009 22:30
We actually have until 12/31/2012
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