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Alright dumbasses, I see you still don't get it. You put word in my mouth, then you set it off like I predicted thing the way you think. I want to make sure you smart asses really understand what I predicted and how important for you to pay attention!! It is not a joke! even though I laughed a lot, I laugh at your stupidity... You discounted everything based on false predictions other people did in the past, I am not those poeple, so don't stereotype!! This is not the same, this is the moment of your last supper with your family. You or your family will realize all the sudden, someone disappears from your household, and he/she will never return.

Like in computer, a microprocessor controls its peripherals such as RAM, ROM, I/O, Flash etc... with signals, there are CE(Chip Enable), RD(Read signal), WR(write signal), etc... In Astrology there are timing also, similarly. Do you know what all signals have in common? They have the beginning, the duration, and the ending of an impulse.

The timing of my prediction is also an impulse!! The beginning of an impulse starts off at 12/31/2009, its duration is 25 days. It's supposed to end on January 24th, 2010. During this time, many of you will fight against each other, if your government was supposed to control population, it will happen during this critical moment, also if the dollar is to be eliminated by international, it will happen also during this period, so pay attention. Remember this event will then set off multiple events all the way to August 30, 2010. The dollar could fall first with no return possibility, then population control could happen later. Astrologers don't know the exact date, only period of moment, only God does.

Am I fraud? Don't jump to conclusion yet dumbasses, I still have until 08/30/2010 before you can point finger at me! Ok??....heeheee....... Got it dumbasses?

Edmond H. Wollmann P.M.A.F.A.
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