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On Aug 1, 4:24 am, Jim Garaventa <a...(a)> wrote:
> nomisnala wrote:
> > I'd say Bowker is something.
> I suppose so....if you think it's more important that Fresno wins a
> championship instead of the SF Giants.


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On Sat, 31 Jul 2010 21:02:48 -0700 (PDT), nomisnala
<ariess(a)> wrote:

>On Jul 31, 11:07�pm, John Walsh <jwalsh...(a)> wrote:
>> On Sat, 31 Jul 2010 14:06:09 -0700 (PDT), nomisnala
>> <ari...(a)> wrote:
>> >On Jul 31, 4:12�pm, nomisnala <ari...(a)> wrote:
>> >> They picked up a lefty reliever from the pirates.Martinez could become
>> >> a starter for the pirates. �The right-handed sinker baller just needs
>> >> some
>> >> innings to get going in the big leagues.
>> >Now its coming in that Bowker was part of that deal. I think
>> >Sabean is nuts. �Martinez was too much for this 32 year old
>> >quirky reliever. �Bowker could still be a very good major leaguer
>> >if given a chance. � Fred Lewis is doing quite well, much better
>> >than Aaron Rowand, almost as good as Andres Torres, �Frandsen
>> >not doing too poorly, and now giving away Martinez was too much
>> >for lopez, throwing in Bowker is insane, unless we get back Garrett
>> >Jones? � Is Sabean trying to make amends for the Jason Schmidt
>> >deal. �Sabean makes trades for spite. Not just good business.
>> >The Molina deal gave him a reprieve but this deal, unless we are
>> >missing part of the deal that hasn't been reported is nuts.
>> He got a bit more than Martinez in the trades. �Nothing lost, possible
>> one or two good arms gained. �- Hide quoted text -
>> - Show quoted text -
>I'd say Bowker is something.

As my uncle Patrick once said, "He trade bait!"
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