From: john smith on
Except for Wood, today was pretty bad. Another game where the Reds left
an opponent on the floor and didn't finish them off.

The offense was downright ugly. This team simply isn't patient enough.
Houston Street threw about 5 total strikes to five batters in the ninth

This team is going to look back at the last 25 games and frown when the
season is over. They have gotten great starting pitching and failed to
win more games. In just the last 5 games this team has lost 1 -0 three
times. The offense just hasn't been there on a consistent level. A few
homers here and there have masked this recent offensive tail spin. I
will say it again, when this team is patient and works counts, they win
baseball games. When they aren't patient they can't even score a run.

Jay Bruce has had made strides this year but this is a guy who is so
clueless right now it is downright scary. I never seen a guy just swing
wildly at every pitch like this guy does every time up now. I think he
needs to sit at least against lefties at this point.

I still have no confidence in Cordero but it seems like the rest of the
bullpen has fallen into line recently. The starting pitching seems to be
very deep as long as Harang stays on the DL. I wish they would start
Bailey back up because you can never have too much starting pitching
and he might be able to add to the bullpen for just this year down the

The one worry I have if I am the Reds right now is Bruce. If I was to
make a trade and was WJ, I would try and land a consistent hitting out
fielder right now. Maybe a guy like Byrd from the Cubs who might come
cheaply. To think Stubbs, Gomes and Bruce are going to light it up over
the next 70 games is wishful thinking...

When the Reds hit August and that left coast swing, they will be
lamenting the missed opportunities these last 25 games have presented.
The team had a great chance to separate from the Cardinals and didn't
get the job done.

On a happy note, I can't ever remember this organization being this deep
with starting pitching ever. It is a shame so many great efforts have
been wasted this season. That kid Wood has really pitched in tough luck.

The offense everyone had legitimate concerns about at the beginning of
the year is rearing its ugly head. When you combine a team that strikes
out a lot with great impatience this becomes a recipe for disaster. I
really think WJ must land another productive outfield bat. Heisey maybe
the answer but at this point in the year, it is no time to experiment.
The Reds need a close to sure OF bat. I don't know if one is out there?

From: paul on
On Jul 18, 2:11 pm, tom dunne <dunn...(a)> wrote:
> That's two straight games where Travis Wood has pitched great and the
> offense hasn't scored a single run for him.  How can a guy make four
> starts with a 2.00 ERA and not get a single win?  Taking a zero
> against Roy Halladay is forgivable, but facing Aaron Cook in GABP?  If
> I had the hair to spare, I'd rip it out.

He's taking Harang's spot in the rotation, isn't he? The one that
comes with zero run support? He should get used to it :).
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