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The Braves are about to be sold for a lot of cash/stock/considerations.

Ownership will move from 1 high profile publicly traded company to
another. With all of the money involved, it is a shame that some of it
wont trickle down to the poor unfortunate youths who are so ably
represented by Jackass Jesse and his Jackals.

The deeper problem is that land has become so expensive. The higher and
better use for tracts of inner city land is redevelopment into live/work
space to improve the tax base.

The result is no more ballfields in the inner city. Unfortunately, it
is too far and inconvenient to travel to the suburbs. On the other
hand, it is comparatively easy to bolt a Basketball hoop to the side of
building or to a utility pole.



O'Neil's Faggy Prostate - CashMan in the soup line. wrote:
> On May 8, 8:41 pm, rodneyk...(a) (Rodney K.) wrote:
>> Braves meet with Rainbow/PUSH officials
>> The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
>> Published on: 05/07/07
>> Upset over the lack of African-Americans on the Braves roster, members
>> of Jesse Jackson's Rainbow-PUSH Coalition asked for a meeting with
>> team officials. They got one Monday.
>> Joe Beasley, Southern Regional Director for the Rainbow/PUSH
>> Coalition, said he and Dexter Clinkscale, the director of sports for
>> the organization, met Monday morning for nearly two hours with Braves
>> general manager John Schuerholz, assistant general manager Frank Wren
>> and three other Braves officials.
>> "The team slipped ... down to [no African-Americans]; it wasn?t
>> something that just happened," Beasley said Monday afternoon. "I think
>> it was a lack of diligence on the part of the Braves to recruit
>> African-American players. There's not diminished enthusiasm for
>> African-Americans playing baseball. It's simply the opportunity hasn't
>> presented itself."
>> Schuerholz acknowledged the meeting Monday but declined further
>> comment, saying in a statement: "We had a meeting with Mr. Beasley and
>> another member of his organization this morning and discussed a
>> variety of topics."
>> Less than 10 percent of major league players are African-Americans. In
>> a recent interview on the subject, Schuerholz said: "You go to where
>> the talent leads you. Finding major league-caliber baseball players is
>> far too difficult if you try to narrow your criteria down to
>> demographics."
>> Countered Beasley, "As I expected, [Schuerholz?s] idea is the bottom
>> line: I'll put the best 40 men I can get wherever I can get them from
>> on the field, and that's fair. But the fact of the matter is if they
>> put resources into recruiting here in the United States, and more
>> specifically here in Atlanta, there are talented players here."
>> The issue was brought to the attention of the Rainbow-PUSH Coalition
>> during the 60th anniversary celebration of Jackie Robinson breaking
>> the color barrier. The Braves and Houston Astros did not have any
>> African-American players on their 25-man rosters at the time. The
>> Braves' total grew with the promotion of left fielder Willie Harris,
>> who is from Robinson?s hometown of Cairo.
>> "You slipped down to nothing, now you've got one, we expect it to
>> start going up higher," Beasley said was the sentiment he voiced in
>> the meeting. "We want to see incrementally it move back up, rather
>> than moving down. There was an openness on [Schuerholz's] part to talk
>> and to be in dialogue and hopefully be in partnership in trying to
>> make sure that it happens. He was very nice, a gentleman. I'm going to
>> hold him to his word to work with us and move those numbers back up to
>> a respectable level."
> This has to be a joke. Please tell me this is a spoof.
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On May 11, 6:34?pm, Bill <billru...(a)> wrote:
> TenderRage wrote:
> > old fashioned louisville slugger is going to do way
> > more damage than an aluminum bat...because of the weight.
> > The difference might be that the bat will break before the
> > aluminum will dent or bend....
> Apparently it will also impact the sports programs because it
> will cost much more to buy wooden bats to replace the ones that
> break. Aluminum bats lasted a long time before needing to be
> replaced. So if the programs were underfunded before, just wait.
> Bill


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Braves already have enough Negroes in their organization. They need
some Jews. I want to see Alan Greenspan pitch on opening day 2008.
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