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> >>>>LOL
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> >>>>THAT didn't take long!
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> >>> The libs are going to try and make sure he doesn't get seated so the
> >>> part time dem can vote for obamacare.
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> >>> Wow! I just heard Susan Estritch said this is not good for the
> >>> democrats! She looks like she has been crying
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> >> they don't have to swear him in until jan 29th, that's the law.
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> > Ted Kennedy was sworn in in one frigging day!!
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> so?
> that was 47 years ago. the law allows them to take their time.
> if the repubs can filibuster every vote, 112 filibusters so far this year
> just to delay things, you can't complain when that tactic is used against
> you in return.

Bull. This would only make the Democrats look worse. The voters spoke
regardless of what we think. You have to honor the vote. To do otherwise
would only damage the party further. Filibusters are a legal part of the
process. It never should have reached this point. Blame the Democrats for
the arrogance to assume they would retain that power indefinitely. This
bill isn't worth destroying any credibility the Democrats still may have.
In fact it's far from perfect. I for one have a lot of problems with it and
only felt it was better than nothing as a start. They need to get back to
work on a better option. The Repubs and the various lobbies may come to rue
this day down the line. I'm convinced the insurers secretly wanted this to

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O'Hara the great knobber speaks, with his mouth full.

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Eddie; Yup.....I thought he only stuck his foot in it!

From: Tristan daCunha on
DW; Hats off to Scott #41 Brown.
Did your mom and dad ever get married?
Just askin...

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On Thu, 21 Jan 2010 22:57:12 -0500, "Ray O'Hara"
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> yes, the Dems believe in majority rule, they assumed that since they played
>fair the repugnazies would too.

You and I have a different idea about "playing fair". Do you think it
is playing fair to go behind closed doors while cutting deals (read
bribes) with Senators and unions in order to get them to vote for bad
bills that most Americans don't want.

>but we now see thsat isn't the case. the repugnazies have filibustered 112
>bills so far this term.

How could they filibuster with only 40 seats? NOW they can filibuster
because they have 41.


Then how did that "stimulus" bill get passed that was loaded with pork
and earmarks?

>so now turn about is fair play.

The Dems are going to find out in November what the voting public
thinks about their "fair play". They found out in Massachusetts and
soon the whole nation will let them know loud and clear.

Stay tuned for coming attractions.