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Hey Gnorker; Whadaya mean "former"?

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Dano; You oughta' know about having a bone thrown to...

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On Wed, 27 Jan 2010 08:56:56 -0500, "Dano" <janeanddano(a)>

>McDuck wrote:
>> On Wed, 20 Jan 2010 22:46:18 -0500, "Dano" <janeanddano(a)>
>> wrote:
>>> Bull. This would only make the Democrats look worse. The voters
>>> spoke regardless of what we think. You have to honor the vote. To
>>> do otherwise would only damage the party further. Filibusters are a
>>> legal part of the process. It never should have reached this point.
>>> Blame the Democrats for the arrogance to assume they would retain
>>> that power indefinitely. This bill isn't worth destroying any
>>> credibility the Democrats still may have. In fact it's far from
>>> perfect. I for one have a lot of problems with it and only felt it
>>> was better than nothing as a start. They need to get back to work
>>> on a better option. The Repubs and the various lobbies may come to
>>> rue this day down the line. I'm convinced the insurers secretly
>>> wanted this to pass.
>> Big pharma may be secretly supporting the bill, but not the insurance
>> companies. They gain from added coverage, but almost everything else
>> is stuff they do not like. Of course, with the public option, the
>> insurance companies would face a different situation, which is why
>> they worked so hard against it.
>My guess is they understand that the public option could gain momentum if
>nothing passed. They'll never admit it, but this plan is not that bad for
>them. Better to throw people some kind of a bone.

Yes, that is fairly likely. It is tough in some respects on the
insurance industry, but not nearly as tough as it might be.