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"john smith" <eddygdvd(a)> wrote in message
> Baker has way too long a leash when it comes to starting pitchers. My
> approach to that seventh inning would be, Bronson your going to be
> yanked if you allow one runner here. Not only did he do that, he allowed
> a homer and still let him continue. The game is very important from the
> seventh inning on and Baker goes by a script. He could have brought
> Rhodes in there to assure a shut down inning but he failed to do so.
> I would have used Massett in the save situation last night to try and
> get him going. It would have been a huge confidence booster..
> Baseball is a great game and Danny you make a great point about
> Hannigan not getting that run in and putting it all on the pitcher.
> Putting that second run up against Oswalt last night was crucial. Yet
> Hannigan passed on trying.

And I don't mean to be crushing Hanigan. It's one AB for him. I surely do
hope he knew better or was at least coached better!

'Little Ball' is a trite term. The whole damned game is 'Little Ball'. The
situation can change with each and every pitch.