From: bismotwitter on
# If you like Liza Minnelli, she's hawking sequins on HSN right now.
She looks like the cardboard cutout Rupert Pupkin chatted with.
From: Tristan daCunha on
Bismotwat; Is Strasbabe really salty?

From: Tristan daCunha on
Bishole; On second really,really,really need help.
What a buffoon you are!

From: Tristan daCunha on
Bismoshitter;Why don't you organize your followers into a demonstration
at Fensy?

From: Tristan daCunha on
Bismofart observes; Attention must be paid to Clayton Richard, of the
brilliant Padres, who struck out 10 and has a tidy 2.72 ERA. Good young
Are you hot for him too?
Should Strasbabe be jealous?