From: you're a girly girly girly girl on
You are totally my favorite, you are so full of yourselves without realizing

In fact you are impossible to live with, you never really sacrifice anything
you just exploit people without realizing it.

I mean, in a saner world where people were all uninteresting and illiterate
and ugly like you were taught at that wonderful school your boring dad is so
proud that you attended, people thought being sincere and sorry was not
something to be put off.

I expect better of people like you then again this is no surprise, you are
ALL self-serving and avoidant in the end. I mean, if you're all that, don't
have people get hurt when you think you care about them. Like that doesn't
happen with me.

You don't mean anything to me really and I have had to ask my family for
assistance in justifying why people like you don't belong in my life. I
sure like hearing about all of your qualifications and your ideas about life
but they seem really ignorant and silly if you can't do something as simple
as being sorry.

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