From: Ruben Safir on
On Fri, 23 Jul 2010 13:32:47 -0700, montygraham wrote:

> They are only better if they start playing like they belong in the major
> leagues! Ask yourself a question, Ruben: how many world series would
> the Yankess have won in the late 90s if they didn't take pitches/ work
> counts, and get into the opponents' bullpen?

I don't care about the Yankees but I agree with he principle. They have
to work the count and frankly, blame that on Jerry Manuel...who was
actually psuhing them a few days ago to swing on first pitches.

> This team can't score now
> even when they get into a bad bullpen. But here's the key question for
> people like you: exactly how bad do they have to play, and for how long,
> before you are willing to admit that a lot of these players have to go?

they will still hit. They are just not this bad....if Manuel plays the
dam right line-up