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Hello. I am a Korean student who love baseball. I'm always showing a big
interest in Major League as well as Korea baseball league. Commonly, people
regard major league as the best baseball league calling it 'dream of
baseball'. However, I think we can't discuss which league is better because
each league has its own feature. It is just different from each other. I
truly feel proud of Korea baseball. Korea baseball has proved its power by
winning the first WBC , taking second place in the second WBC , and winning
the olympic. In addition, I think Korean baseball players are also proving
power of Korea baseball by playing an active part in big league. However, I
often get bad news these days. Chan-ho Park , who succeeded to make a
comeback through being a relief pitcher , is not doing well these days
because of his hamstring injury. Also, Shin-soo Choo injured his thumb so he
is impossible to play lately. It is really regrettable. However, I believe
that they can play an active role again soon. And, I'm expecting many Korean
rising stars to develop who are in Minor league. I hope that Korean player
can be a starting pitcher and hit a home run someday.