From: RJA on
On May 21, 10:28 am, RJA <agentvau...(a)> wrote:
> On May 20, 6:16 pm, eddyg...(a) (john smith) wrote:
> > Yeah Nix thought he had it and Conrad thought he had caught it because
> > he saw it hit Nix's glove. That doesn't change the fact that Nix's glove
> > was near the top of the wall or if not above the wall when his glove
> > made contact with the ball. It would have been a really nice catch. I
> > still say it was going to be a homerun. For a guy like Conrad to drive a
> > ball the other way that far off Cordero just makes you scratch your
> > head...
> Marty and Cowboy (for what it's worth) said it would not have left the
> yard.  Doesn't matter.  It would still have been game tied, runner on
> 2nd and nobody out.

Oops. Make that 1 out.
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