From: Tristan daCunha on
Swayback made a funny...nyuk nyuk yuk!

From: Tristan daCunha on
Don, You need a basic apparatus to think with. Who's gonna' perform that
miracle on you?

From: Tristan daCunha on
Mebbe Eddie; Then they would have an ideal, existential, compatibility!
Transactional Analysis says "We're ok, you're not (paraphrased)
You'll know, bro'

From: Tristan daCunha on
Mr.gone; Really?
I do become "raging" with you mental midgets who live and die for the
victor of a child's game, who wish to bear the child of your favorite
Are you really gone? Are you?

On Jul 17, 11:18 pm, nate <greyst...(a)> wrote:
> On Jul 17, 11:08 pm, "Ray OHara" <raymond-oh...(a)> wrote:
> > somebody has to say it.
> > he is the Sox best player.
> > and tonite he again showed why.
> :-(
> last time i mentioned it, he went into a slump....
> - nate

you read too much harry potter.
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