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On Apr 19, 2:27 pm, mrl <markrlon...(a)> wrote:
> Maybe this will be the summer that I final write that novel I always
> wanted to write.

>The answer to your topic question is, of course, no -- >the 2008 New York
>Yankees have that record and >always will.

As they have the record of 27 WS Titles. None by default. LOL!!
How's that 4-9 start workin' fer ya? Say hi to Baltomore.

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On Apr 19, 2:55 pm, Smithee <ssmith2...(a)> wrote:
> The answer to your topic question is, of course, no -- the 2008 New
> York Yankees have that record and always will.

Indeed, they will always hold this partiuclar record. What was it...
$210-215 million dollars...that Giambino contract really put it up
there (he was making $23-24 million that year they didnt make it in
2008). Sheesh...

27 WS wins to 7 (One by default!!) Sheesh!!
If you can't beat 'em, rank on 'em, eh?
The 2010 season is already off to a good laugh at Bahston's expense. Again!!
Hey - remember last year Sox 8 - 0 against the Yankees, only to back into
the playoffs, get their asses kicked by LAA and watch the Yankees win # 27?
Keep it up!! Love it!!