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On Jun 11, 8:19 am, wolfagain <w...(a)> wrote:
> Kind of a hunch here, but I think he might be in Cleveland
> tonight...nothing but a hunch though. With all the hoopla surrounding
> Strasburg coming in this weekend this might be the time to bring up
> OUR phenom and make this a really BIG weekend and a possible FULL
> HOUSE for Sunday's national televised game...just a hunch.
>   Santana is absolutely the best hitter I've seen in many
> years...maybe since Jim Thome. His production numbers are a little
> misleading...pitchers walk him 1-2 times every game and especially if
> 1st base is open. Last night in the Clipper's 10-9 loss Santana had 2
> doubles and a monster home run and 1 walk with 3 RBIs. Every thing he
> hits is bloop hits.

Got lucky on this one...Santana will be in the Tribe lineup tonight! now confirms.