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On Feb 6, 3:07 pm, tom dunne <dunn...(a)> wrote:
> On Feb 5, 6:18 pm, eddyg...(a) (john smith) wrote:
> > My main problem with Baker is his stubbornness in particular staying
> > with starting pitchers too long. He is old and too comfortable in his
> > job. The Reds need a younger leader with more energy..
> The last time the Reds had an old manager was the last time they had a
> winning record.  They fired him and he went on to win a World Series
> with Florida.  I don't think age is Dusty's problem, he's just not a
> particularly gifted manager.

His gift in his SF days lay in getting a couple
of players at any given time to play better than
they had. Jonathan Bernstein had quite the list.

Thing is that I can think of other managers whose
rep essentially revolved around their ability to
handle people and as they got old this ability
seemed to have gone by the boards.

Felipe Alou lost his magic with pitchers for

Don't know what it means. Could have just been
luck in either direction.