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On Apr 30, 9:24 pm, Dan C <youmustbejok...(a)lan.invalid> wrote:
> Can you *IMAGINE* the outcry from the Libs if GWB had waited
> this long to visit the disaster site (re: Katrina)???
> The hypocrisy is just pathetic, isn't it?
Get serious. You couldn't possibly expect anyone to forget how
Bush DID screw the Katrina rescue. He let people die while he waited
for permission from his bosses to spend money on Americans. NOBODY
will ever be able to lie loud enough to make Americans forget him
eating cake with McCain instead of tending to the nation's business.
Bush was an ugly joke, when he wasn't busy being a terrifying
example of stupidity raised far above its natural level. He's your
kind of guy.
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