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Ronald Emerson wrote:
> On Jul 24, 8:27 pm, Tarkus <karnev...(a)> wrote:
>> On 7/24/2010 8:58 AM, Colin William wrote:
>>> I'd wondered what team could possibly be interested in trading for
>>> Francoeur? Well, the answer is, of course...the Royals
>>> Dayton Moore has never met an ex-Brave he didn't like. They already
>>> have Brayan Pena, Kyle Davies, Kyle Farnsworth and Bruce Chen. In
>>> recent years under his tenure they've also had Tony Pena, Horacio
>>> Ramirez, Odalis Perez, and Reggie Sanders.
>> And as a Chiefs fan, all I hear is the Royals can't compete because
>> of their small market. It has nothing to do with horrible management.
> Tarkus, why are you a Braves fan in Baseball but a Chiefs fan in
> Football? Are you an Indian and only root for teams with Indian names?
> You know Cleveland has a team with an Indian name also. Ronald
> Emerson.

that was stellar.