From: john smith on
The most disappointing guy who came with alotta hoopla had to be second
round pick Paul Householder. He was touted so much and I recall Marty
saying he will soon become a household name, what a bust, a .236
lifetime hitter with 313 hits in 8 years.

I would disagree about Kal Jack Daniels, he could rake, rake for power,
run and play some pretty good defense. I think injuries got the best of
him. I was also disappointed at the highly touted Gary Redus who hit
like .430 one year in the minors. Another 5 tool guy who never quite
lived up to his press clippings.

The Reds have had a huge share of guys who were touted and never quite
made it big. I think Frank Pastore had some of the greatest stuff I ever
saw. His motion and delivery was a clone of Tom Seaver. It just goes to
prove talent might only be half the battle in making one's major league

Bringing up these old names brings back fond memories or nightmares,
lol. I guess it depends on how you look at it. Remember Wayne
Krenchicky, what a great name. Shame he wasn't that talented.

Maybe we should start a thread about players who had a few good years
then went downhill quickly or their career just ended shortly there
after. Does Tracy Jones come to mind? How about that 90 championship
year. How many guys had one of their best years if not best year that
single year? Mariano Duncan, Billy Hatcher, Danny Jackson, Jose Rijo,
Chris Sabo. Seems like they all came together in 1990 and gelled that
season but really weren't that great after that. Joe Oliver was more
than adequate that year but pretty much was a footnote in his remaining

Funny thing about that championship team how everything just came
together and magic happened. This team minus the bull-pen has many
similarities to that 90 team.....who knows, gulping a glass of Reds
Kool-Aid. Time will tell..... The priority now is adding a REAL QUALITY
bullpen arm...A leadoff hitter wouldn't hurt, OCAB is a two hitter.

One thing I am satisfied with this year so far has to be the starting
pitching and it has been quite along time when you really could say that
with any kind of real conviction as a Red's fan. This year 2010 might be
the deepest starting pitching depth ever to grace this organization,
period. I really think this staff could be called dominant or at least
have the potential to be called dominant if it wasn't for the ballpark.

From: john smith on
Anybody remember Don Werner catcher who couldn't hit the site of a bomb?
Yet he had the distinction of catching Seaver's only no-hitter? This guy
was the definition of dreadful.

Another catcher Alan Knicely who hit many homers in the minors, yet
couldn't throw out Rick Reushel on a hit and run?