From: tom dunne on
On Jun 29, 11:17 pm, eddyg...(a) (john smith) wrote:
> Bad Loss...
> Rhodes is human....
> Key game tomorrow.....
> Will ABang finally win a game that his salary commands?...
> Reds players, please stop swinging at first pitches and let these
> pitchers work...
> Stay tuned for another Chapter in As The Reds Turn...
> Show down at the GABP Corral. Doc Holiday with his Winchester 73 vs.
> ABang and his water pistol.....
> Tomorrow at High Noon the drama unfolds...

Quality start from Harang, his fourth one this month, and Halladay
takes the loss. Gotta be pleased with that, right?
From: john smith on
Tom, I am pleased with Harang's performance because he didn't allow any
add on runs. That was the key, I tip my cap to him.

With all his quality starts in June, just look a little closer at his
June WHIP, it is around 1.5. He's been wiggling out of a lot of jams. I
guess he has to at this point in his career. Reds stole one today and it
is a great confidence booster to Harang and the team. This win gives me
hope as a fan. They finally beat a legit ace to boot.....

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