From: john smith on
I may have exaggerated Cordero a bit. Bit did you watch him pitch last
year. How many times did he make you nervous? How many times did the
first guy reach? Especially via a walk. How many balls were hit hard
right at a defender?

The most important two things about being a GM. It is evaluating talent
and knowing when that talent is no longer going to be valuable to your
team. You must be able to trade this guy off a good year and not a bad
year. If you are going to receive reasonable value in return this is a

I hope I am wrong about Cordero and Harang. Please remind me at the end
of the year if I am. But I believe these guys are in the twilight of
their careers and no longer worth the money paid to them. Paying guys
like these on a team that most people don't consider a contender just
doesn't make sense.

Unfortunately stats won't help you in making a trade on Cordero. It
takes a GM with great insight to see this. A GM with good instincts is
priceless. Just like a doctor with good instincts is priceless..