From: tom dunne on
On May 10, 2:52 pm, RJA <agentvau...(a)> wrote:

> Who did the Cards lead off with when they had their runs of division
> titles under Jocketty?  Eckstein?  Has Jocketty demonstrated his
> belief in OBP at the top of the order?

The guys the Cards went with were all pretty much the middle infield
guys you'd expect - Fernando Vina, Tony Womack, David Eckstin, etc.
They had Jim Edmonds playing CF through their whole run, and he had a
better OBP than any of those guys, but his power pretty much slotted
him in lower in the order.

Eckstein was never more than pretty good, but he did enough to bat
leadoff for two different world champions. He has no power and isn't
great on the bases, though his career OBP would represent at least a
50-point jump over the Patterson/AGon/Taveras/Stubbs/OCab monster
we've seen the last three years.