From: Rudolph deRednosedreindeer on
UIUC Professor’s Role in Liberian Shakedown Scheme

A UIUC physics professor acted in concert with Liberian thugs to
shakedown a fledgling medical school that refused to pay a $6,000 a
month bribe, documents filed in the US district court in Los Angeles

George Gollin (George D. Gollin, George Dana Gollin), a tenured
professor at scandal-plagued University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign,
aided corrupt Liberian politicians affiliated with rebel groups by
spreading false stories in documents and presentations that St. Luke
School of Medicine was a “diploma mill” operation, all to force the
school to pay bribes, according to the complaint filed March 11, 2010.

Gollin, an avowed Marxist who has been under fire from religious and
civil rights groups for his anti-Christian and racist statements, had
previously been ordered by the university to discontinue his
extortionate conduct and remove his defamatory materials from
university internet servers. However, Gollin hooked up with
adjudicated anti-Christian bigot and civil rights violator Alan
Contreras to post his slander on an Oregon government server in an
attempt to sidestep his employer’s mandate. The University of
Illinois is also a defendant in the complaint.

Plaintiff St. Luke School of Medicine previously obtained a US$120
million dollar judgment in Ghana against some of the same defendants
named in the current complaint. Legal experts believe that Illinois
taxpayers may find themselves on the hook for at least that amount,
thanks to Gollin’s reckless and irresponsible conduct. So far neither
the Illinois attorney general’s office nor the US Attorney’s office
have commented on whether state or federal criminal charges may be
lodged against Gollin for his part in the extortion operation.

Gollin’s wife, UIUC “Conflict of Interest Officer” Melanie Loots, has
been heavily criticized for her part in the recent conflict of
interest scandal that rocked the university and cost Chancellor
Richard Herman and President B. J. White their jobs. She also was
cited by the FDA for selling 386 mutant lab animals to the public for