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>>>>>> Possibly, but YOU invariably turn to insults (frequently first) if
>>>>>> someone disagrees with you.
>>>>>> Perhaps you're typical and predictable, huh?
>>>>>> mario in victoria
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>>>>> Hey Mario, You dog-lipped toad-faced, smelly vomit inducing cretin, I
>>>>> personally do not believe in insults, but you must admit that they are
>>>>> the mother's milk of the internet.
>>>> Unfortunately that's true, you camel-humping, pusillanimous, mugwumpish
>>>> off-spring of accidental conception!
>>>> mario in victoria
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>>>> or something like that
>>> Everybody spews insults, but some people respond to facts with nothing
>>> but lies and insults.
>> Not true in all cases. In the above, I assure you it was friendly
>> (though we are politically opposed) give and take. I'm sure Gnork sees
>> it the same way.
>> People usually resort to insults (about people, minds, countries) when
>> they are exasperated because they've been caught out spewing bullshit or
>> just plain wrong. I try very hard NOT to insult anyone, but once they
>> start with the name-calling (the last resort of idiots and know-nothings
>> -- that's a fact, not an insult --), then the gloves are off.
>> I'm sure you know who they are.
>> You mindless bozo!
>> :-)
>> mario in victoria
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> You misunderstood me, you nimrod! :-)

That's the spirit!!!

mario in victoria
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