From: bismotwitter on
# I just turned on my cell phone. Got 2 text messages from Teixeira.
From: The Gnorkmeister on
On Jul 9, 6:29 pm, bismotwitter <bi...(a)> wrote:
> # Still think Mike Leake is a fluke?  He's about to go to 7-1, with a
> cool 3.21 ERA for the Red Legs.

Not so fast! Still 6-1 and the ERA moved up.
From: The Gnorkmeister on
On Jul 9, 7:27 pm, bismotwitter <bi...(a)> wrote:
> # I hope there's real scientific evidence that capping Strasburg at
> 160 IP this year will prevent injury. Otherwise it seems silly to me.

There is none, and it is stupid, not silly.
From: bismotwitter on
@Gnork: Finally someone who agrees with me on innings limits! I mean,
gee whiz, do odds of career-limiting injury go way up w/inning 161?!?
From: bismotwitter on
@Gnork: I know, I totally jinxed that kid. I hope Leake will recover.
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