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@Gary: Ellsbury will play--as I tweeted--for the Red Sox THIS year.
I'm talking about NEXT year. He will be traded in the offseason.
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@Dano: Fine & dandy, but given the dearth of available/good 3Bs, and
Youkilis' possible defensive decline there, who's the 3B next season?
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@Dano, @Gary: A man hears what he wants to hear & disregards the rest.
When you guys fly home, does Herve Villechaize point to DE PLANE?
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@McDuck; Ellsbury could have been a star, but you have to be on the
field. He has alienated his teammates and I don't want him around.
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@JTibbs: My sources tell me Theo was receptive to offers for Ellsbury,
but prefers to get something out of him in 2010. After that, sayonara.
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