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# Master Bates has been taken off the 40-man roster, with good reason.
Hitting .222/.332/.349 in AAA. At least he's in the Encyclopedia.
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># In a way, David Ortiz reminds me of none other than the Sultan of
> Swat, Babe Ruth. They both have charisma, power, and big bellies.

Ortiz reminds me of Shrek.
I've never looked at Ortiz and thought of The Babe. Never will.

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># Youkilis showed what kind of ballplayer he is when he stole second
> base off the slow delivery of Fernando Rodney. Always thinking.

Might be called either doing your homework on who's pitching and / or
reading the pitcher. Most runners, who are able to run, do that.

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> # It sure is good to have Victor Martinez back.  Unfortunately Cash is
> still here.  17 guys on the DL & HE has to be healthy as a horse!

Kevin Cash is like that bad skin rash that keeps returning every once
in a while.