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@Dano: I agree. I'm no fan of Bautista. Gammons just thought it was
interesting that Boston could've had him for a song (not Seung).
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@JTibbs: I agree 100% on the pen; I tweeted about that since the
offseason. I felt it was a big issue that Theo didn't address.
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@JTibbs: I would've been fine with giving up a couple of C prospects
for adequate players to better plug holes at C, 2B, probably OF too.
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@Gary: After all, if the Sox system is so deep, they should have
plenty of reasonably attractive chits--and losing a few wouldn't hurt.
From: Gary on
On Fri, 23 Jul 2010 18:59:17 -0400, bismotwitter <bismo(a)>

>@Gary: Gammons said Bautista deal was later in the season--I believe
>it was August. I just tweeted it as interesting; I'm not mad about it.

Whatever. He's not the type of player to go over the luxery tax for.
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