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@JTibbs: Sure. I'm often uneasy when pitchers have to sit in the
dugout a long time. I just wonder if that was Washington's thinking.
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@JTibbs: I wouldn't have done cartwheels over Bautista last year
either. It's kind of a poor man's version of not keeping Carlos Pena.
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@JTibbs: I wouldn't trade the top prospects, but there's nothing wrong
with shedding some of the B and C-level guys to help the big club.
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@JTibbs: My problem with "waiting for Godot" is that we don't know
exactly when each guy returns--or how effective they'll be right away.
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@Gary: My source on Bautista is none other than Hall of Fame
journalist Peter Gammons. He said it on the radio.
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