From: bismotwitter on
@Gary: Then bring up Piney Woods from Queen City--the good hope from
Good Hope, Georgia. He's raw but he can hit. He also plays guitar.
From: bismotwitter on
@Sarge: You're right, but I'll take Varitek on crutches or Victah in a
cast over a healthy Cash and whoever the heck this Molina is.
From: Ray Garraty on
On Jul 16, 7:34 pm, bismotwitter <bi...(a)> wrote:
> # Watching Kevin Cash bat in a key spot makes me seriously ill.
> Goddammit Theo, can we at least have one catcher who can hit?

Kevin Cash, the modern day version of Bob Uecker. Although Uecker was
a better hitter slightly.
From: The Gnorkmeister on
On Jul 16, 6:46 pm, bismotwitter <bi...(a)> wrote:
> # Don't read much into Manuel's demotion.  They just wanted a fresh
> bullpen arm. Mr. Francona likes Manuel & should get him back later.

Gone for a minumum of 15 days unless another Red Sox pitcher goes on
the DL. On the bright side Francoma cleverly got to insert Cabrera in
the game at a critical moment.
From: The Gnorkmeister on
On Jul 16, 6:48 pm, bismotwitter <bi...(a)> wrote:
> # Famous #2s in Sox history:  Rick Ferrell, Al Zarilla, Jim Piersall,
> Chuck Schilling, Andrews/Griffin/Remy, Otis Nixon, Carl Everett.

Otis was #2 to nobody on the Sox "All Ugly" team.