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> @Wayback: Wouldn't it be boring?  Click, 12.3 gets MVP.  Click, +21
> gets Gold Glove.  Click, 142 and 139 get into the HOF but 119 doesn't.

Well I don't think 119 is good enough to get in the Hall of Fame.

Seriously though.... the numbers aren't the end all....just an
addition to the games....and the books....and the talk al.
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>> bismotwitter wrote:
>> > # The five best pitchers on planet Earth? �Strasburg, Halladay,
>> > Lincecum, Greinke, Jimenez. �Honorable mention to Price.
>> Let Strasburg first prove himself in the mayors before you Derek
>> Jeter hi
> m.
> Hey Gio, mayors of what cities?

Don't know which one he fancies.


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@Wayback: LOL! Exactly.
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>> > >On May 22, 5:31�am, bismotwitter <bi...(a)> wrote:
>> > >> # Pleased to hear that Theo is apparently looking into Iannetta. �I
>> > >> also wouldn't mind making a "buy low" run at Russ Martin.
>> > >Buy low? That ain't happening. A couple of days ago I was watching the
>> > >Dodger game. They said Martin was making his 21st consecutive start at
>> > >catcher and had hit safely in the last 15. He is durable, a good
>> > >thrower, a strong defender, a good OBP guy and his BA has been going
>> > >up with better SLG as well. Also the Dodgers have absolutely nobody to
>> > >replace him. The price would be very, very high.
>> > Not as high as when you wanted to mortgage the store to get him.
>> Beckett? That's mortgagng the store. You must be crazy. Also, I wanted
>> a minor leaguer of middle prospect rating as well.
>Dodger back up catchers season to date:
>AJ Ellis 4-16
>Brad Ausmus (40 and on DL) 1-4
>That's it. Other than them it has been all Russell Martin. Saying he
>could be had cheap is one of the craziest statements ever made here.
>Despite his heavy workload at the most demanding position in baseball
>he is hitting .262 .358 .376 and he is a good runner, not a base
>clogger. He also has thrown out 30% of opposing runners. And he is
>very popular in Los Angeles. So yeah, just give us Cameron and Dusty
>Brown and you can have Martin...not!

I never suggested that Martin was available or available for little in
return. I only suggested that his trade value has declined some from
2007 (OPS = .843). His OPS in 2009 was only .680 --- it is up some so
far this year (.772 --- around league average for position players but
above the .717 average for catchers).