From: John Kasupski on

With apologies to George Carlin (who was wrong) and David Letterman (who is
probably the king of top ten lists), here's my top ten reasons why baseball is
better than football:

10. Since everybody's going to be waiting for this one if I don't, I'll get it
out of the way first: In baseball the team that's winning can't just sit on the
ball and run out the clock. A comeback from three scores behind is far more
common in baseball than football.

9. Before a baseball game there are two hours of BP, before a football game
there's a two-hour traffic jam.

8. Eighty degrees, a cold beer and a short-sleeve shirt are better than twenty
degrees, a hip flask and six layers of clothes under a blanket.

7. In baseball you can catch homers or foul balls. In football, they raise a net
so you can't even catch an extra point.

6. Tuning the car radio on a summer night.

5. In football, nobody says "Let's play two!"

4. When a pitcher gets knocked out of the game he goes to the showers, when a
quarterback gets knocked out of the game he goes to the hospital.

3. People actually watch baseball´┐Żs All Star game.

2. Nine innings means 18 chances at the hot dog line. Two halves means BYO or go

1. Having 162 games a year is 10.125 times as good as having 16.

Play Ball!