From: john smith on
Yes May 12, 2009 Micah Owings hit a two out ninth inning homerun pinch
hitting off Ryan Franklin.... Franklin hadn't blown a save up to that
point in the season last year.

From: kommienezuspadt on

"john smith" <eddygdvd(a)> wrote in message
> This game has me so pissed off right now. I just thought back to last
> year and a pinch hit 10th inning homerun by Micah O. against St. Louis.
> I don't know if the pitcher was Franklin but jees Owens would have been
> a good choice here as well.
> The splits on Nix/Franklin were 4-16 and Hernandez/Franklin 3-21. I just
> can't understand Baker sometimes. Not too mention the lefty righty
> bullshit managers love so much...

and lefties are hitting 300 off of him -- righties 200....

I wish Baker had at least put a hit & run on if he was going to hit
Hernandez -- not that it might have mattered on that worm burner

IMO - good game time managers lose fewer games than bad ones -- I think of
Baker as a bad game time manager

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From: Steve M. Mann on
On 5/14/2010 9:16 PM, john smith wrote:

> He sends up Hernandez instead of Nix to pinch hit in the ninth. First
> pitch, the old 6-4-3 DP. Thanks Brain for another brilliant move.....

After the game Baker said that Nix was unavailable. He 'couldn't swing'.
So, apparently we were hiding an injury from the Cards. The cat is out
of the bag now.

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From: RJA on
On May 14, 10:16 pm, eddyg...(a) (john smith) wrote:
> He sends up Hernandez instead of Nix to pinch hit in the ninth. First
> pitch, the old 6-4-3 DP. Thanks Brain for another brilliant move.....

Hernandez is a .284 hitter with a .400 OBP. Nix is hitting .
175/.233. Even if he was available, I'm not sure I'm going .175 over .
284/.400. He hit the ball hard, just happened to be at someone.
That's the cost of not scoring any runs until the 7th inning and
giving Pujols and Ludwick cheese up and over the plate.
From: John Kasupski on
On Fri, 14 May 2010 19:16:30 -0700, eddygdvd(a) (john smith) wrote:

>He sends up Hernandez instead of Nix to pinch hit in the ninth. First
>pitch, the old 6-4-3 DP. Thanks Brain for another brilliant move.....

I think Dusty played this exactly right. The tying run was at second base, the
runner being Hanigan, a catcher. So the first decision is, who runs for Hanigan?
Obviously not Hernandez. Cairo was already used as a PH. That leaves Heisey, Nix
(they said he couldn't swing, they didn't say he couldn't run), Janish, or one
of the pitchers. Baker chose Heisey. I agree with that choice, he's probably
faster than the other two position players, and he's likely to have better
instincts on the basepaths than a pitcher who seldom has to run the bases.

Next decision - who bats for Rhodes? Baker has Nix, Janish, Hernandez, and of
course his unused pitchers to use as pinch hitters. I can't see sending a
pitcher up there to hit for another pitcher when you have other guys available.
That's something you do out of desperation in extra innings if your bench
players have all been used. The only exception might be Owings, but he's hitting
a paltry .143 this year and might be rusty since he hasn't had a plate
appearance in a week.

So that leaves Hernandez, Nix, or Janish to face the right-handed Franklin. The
way Nix has performed in a Reds uni, he'd be the absolute LAST guy I'd send up
there with the game on the line anyway, even if he was available (which it turns
out he wasn't), and even if Hernandez didn't have the ninth-inning single
through the 2B-SS hole off Franklin in the ninth inning of a tie game last May 5
(which he did).

I just posted Nix's stats as a Red yesterday. Frankly, he's been pathetic.
especially this year. If I was WJ, I suspect I might be thinking long and hard
about keeping Heisey in the majors and cutting Nix loose when Dickerson comes
off the DL. I sure as hell wouldn't send Nix to Louisville and have him taking
away OF at-bats from Alonso, Francisco, Frazier, and Balentien down there.

But that's a topic for another thread. Back to this situation. He could've used
Janish instead...except if the Reds tie the score he's got to put Hernandez in
the game anyway to catch, and with Nix unavailable that means he's emptied his
bench and goes into extra innings with no available position players to put in
the game if somebody gets hurt. Okay, if it's Game Seven of the World Series you
do that, but not on May 14. We used to crucify Boone for always managing that
way. What if, for example, Scott Rolen got hurt? Which pitcher do you want Baker
to risk injury or death to by putting him at third base so he can get hit in the
head by a line drive?

Not only did Baker play it right, but under the circumstances, he really had no
other choice. But many thanks for yet another unjustified criticism of the Reds'
manager, which I believe makes it only 6,784,329 of those that I've seen on the
Internet so far (not all of them from you, of course). Although the day's only
half over yet.


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