From: JustTom on
On Wed, 5 May 2010 15:13:49 -0700, eddygdvd(a) (john smith)

>I can't take watching this guy much more. It's Willy T redux with a
>better glove and less contact. This guy has a terrible swing. When you
>have more confidence in Mike Leake as a batter than you do your lead off
>hitter, your in big trouble. He has run out of rope. Heisey your turn

The question with Stubbs has always been contact. Will he hit enough
to stick? He averaged a K per game at Texas while leading the team
in K's each year he was there. I'm pretty sure he followed that trend
in the minors, and was called up last year in the middle of them
re-tooling his swing.

As I said last week, he isn't a leadoff hitter and I think putting
him there is the worst possible scenario for him. I still say put
him in the 7 hole and leave him alone. We need to see if he's the
long term solution in CF, and putting him in the leadoff spot seems to
be screwing with his head. He's taking a lot of hittable pitches in
the name of "working the count" because that's what leadoff guys.
Problem is, he doesn't make enough contact to handle being down in the
count like that, so it compounds an already high K rate.

I don't get to see him, but a guy who hits such massive shots when he
actually makes contact likely has a really long swing. I'd rather see
them tweak the power and let him turn Eric Davis-like than I would
try to pigeon-hole him into a leadoff role he isn't suited for.

And yes, I do blame Dusty for this as well, especially since Stubbs
has been quoted several times saying he was comfortable lower in the
order.. He's still a rookie with a lot of questions, and needs to
be coddled for success, not thrown into the leadoff role because we
don't have anybody else.