From: jbalesterri on
On Dec 6 2007, 7:39 am, Anonymous <nob...(a)>
> Scam artist Frank Vetrone &  Judi Long, 813-633-0573, 813-634-
> 8179 Fort Duquesna Dr,  Sun City Center, FL 33573 (Trion
> Financial Group).
> They are very professional and appear very trustworthy. Selling
> broken computers, Health Services and Financial Services without
> license.
> New Scam: Applicants are required to pay fees for inspections
> and due diligence. Applicants are being promised uge funds with
> attractive conditions. After paying the up front fees, the scam
> artists are just impossible to get hold of. In order to operate
> for a while, they inform applicants that they have insurance
> trouble.
> There is no doubt that they are scam artists.
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I feel I may have been scammed as well. Can you provide any more info
on their operation?