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Brian; Don't "nip" your g/f, cause she'll fart and fly around the room!

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twp posts two different nyms.
this guy is a troll, Dano.

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On Thu, 22 Oct 2009 15:43:07 -0400, RulesChanges(a) wrote:

>I would like to propose the following rules
>changes for next season:
>1. Set an absolute spending cap and shut down
>teams that violate it. (We can call this
>the Yankees rule.)

Never happen. In case you are unclear on this, the players' Assocn.
would have to agree and it will be a cold day in hell before they do.

>2. Start using instant replay.

I am fine with that on certain calls. Obvious safe/out calls, foul
balls, etc. but not balls and strikes. And no challenge flags either.
Have a fifth outfielder in booth upstairs who can signal that a call
should be overturned.

>3. Remove the designated hitter in all games.

Nope. I don't like seeing pitchers hit.

>4. Require that all players come up to bat. Yes
>this includes all the pichers.

All players on the team every game?

>5. Set a time limnit for at bats. Three swings
>and you're out. If all three swings result in
>a foul ball, then tough potatoes, you're still out.

Too drastic. There's no clock in baseball. Don't take away a batter's
ability to work the count.

>6. If you're a picher and throw the ball, it must
>be in the strike zone. If the ball goes
>outside of the strike zone the batter walks.

Are you nuts? Do you have any idea how many walks there will be?

>7. The game should go on every day, rain or shine,
>warm or cold, except for lightning. If football can
>do it, why not baseball?

Not the same sport. Maybe have fielders tackle baserunners?

>8. Teams should be limited to one reliever per month.
>Other times the picher should go the full nine innings.
>If the picher runs into trouble in the third inning
>the manager should be required to keep him in. Heck,
>the defense will have to step up and actually do some work.

Again, you're nuts. Maybe you ought to understand the game before
making asinine rule changes. How do you want the defense to do some

>9. Pichers who hit a player should be penalized with
>an error and the hit player should automatically get
>a home run. Two hit players and the picher would be
>out for the season.


>10. There should be mandatory drug testing every game.
>Test positive for a banned substaance? You should be
>arrested at the game and paraded out on your prep walk
>in front of the fans.
>11. I'd institute a 12 second clock. Once a play
>ends, the picher has 12 seconds to throw the next
>ball. The batter also has 12 seconds. That means
>no stalling to delay the game.
>12. Umpires should start enforcing a "delay of game"
>penalty. It's a game, just do it. None of this
>taking an eternity to get ready for the next

Maybe you ought to work on a sport you know something about.
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I'll add a rule of my own.

If a player signs a huge contract let's say close to 200 million. And
his team makes the post season, and that player does nothing in the post
season to help his team. He should be forced to forfeit all of his
salary for not performing. Post season performance should be a
requirement to earn their salary. So that would mean that Mark Texiera
would have to forfeit his salary for a 120 avg in the ALCS.

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On Oct 22, 3:43 pm, RulesChan...(a) wrote:
> I would like to propose the following rules
> changes for next season:

Since, we're adding rules, I'd like to add another rule, its up to you
if you think its stupid or not:

1) No sliding into 1st base, its much too dangerous. If you do slide
into 1st base, you're automatically out. Pure and simple......See, I
can come up with a rule as foolish as yours on the top off my head!