From: john smith on
That maybe the case that Baker supports Pole, I do not follow the
Cincinnati papers like others do in here. But, I am sick of excuses for
this organization especially pitching wise. How come this team pitched
well for the fist 9 weeks and then then took 10 weeks off and then
finished up strong? The pitchers themselves and manager must take
responsibility for this more than the pitching coach.

From: David Short on
HTP wrote:
> On Oct 8, 6:24 am, t...(a)nomail.please (JustTom) wrote:
>> It wasn't Bailey's old coach, it was the pitching coach at the
>> Universityof Texas, Skip Johnson. His agent suggested he seek him
>> out. For me, that was the last straw on Pole. Our crown jewel
>> arm was clearly withering here, and it took his agent to find a total
>> stranger to help. And in one bullpen session, apparantly Johnson did
>> something Pole couldn't, found the flaw that shaved 6-8 mph off his
>> fastball.
> I'd heard that story before and i believe its been discussed here in
> ASBCR, but I wasnt clear on 1 very important point. When did this
> happen? The article says that baileys agent told him about Skip
> Johnson "last offseason". Did Bailey go see Johnson in the offseason?
> If so, why didnt we see a change in performance (at this level) until
> August? Or did Bailey go see Johnson in mid-Summer? If the agent told
> Bailey to go see Johnson in the offseason, why did he wait until
> August?

my understanding was that the last visit was while Homer was in the
minors during the summer of 09. My understanding may be mistaken. You're
right, if it was this last offseason then where were the results in May?

> -------------------------------------------
> This is a very interesting web site. heres another article form last
> december anylizing homers mechanics.
> his conclusion: "Homer Bailey is a textbook example of how not to
> throw a baseball, right up there with Anthony Reyes, B.J. Ryan, and
> Mark Prior."

Of course at one time Prior was held up as an example of flawless

But we won't mention that.

From: john smith on
In regard to the 5th outfielder either being Taveras or Dickerson. It
has to be Dickerson hands down if you disregard salary. I don't think
Taveras is a guy who can sit for long periods of time and then be
productive. Dickerson has shown he can handle that pinch hitting role
and late defensive replacement role very well. I would go with Dickerson
and cut Taveras. I don't think Taveras could steal a base late for you
as a weapon. He looked very bad in the SB department, he rarely ever
took off until the count was deep. I think he has lost a step and this
guy without top speed couldn't buy a ticket to single A...

Getting back to Dickerson, he is a Ryan Freel type in the manner that if
you play him in spurts, he can be very productive. Make him a regular
and his production drops off significantly....

From: David Short on
Bob Braun wrote:
> I know Jay Bruce plays good defense and hit with power. But he still has a
> huge question mark over his head. If you are serious about winning, you
> can't have both Taveras and Dickerson on the 2010 opening day roster.

I can simplify that sentence. If you are serious about winning you can't
have Taveras on your roster.

That's easy.

> You can't have Janish and a light hitting catcher. If Janish is going to
> play every day, you have to get some offensive production from the catcher's
> spot.

I'm not so sure. You can't have Janish, a light hitting catcher, a
cypher in center and a platoon in left that includes guys like Laynce
Nix. That's too much pressure.

> Rolen has to stay healthy. This is BIG. He's eating payroll, he has to be
> on the field and producing.
yup. My big problem with Rolen is that I don't think he can stay
healthy. If he can...more power to Walt.

> Phillips and Votto need to just do what they do. I don't know how or if
> they can fund it, but they are a couple of bats away from competing in 2010.

.....They're a healthy roster away. They are still too thin. What does
this team to if Rosales goes down? Votto? They just don't have guys that
you feel comfortable giving 200+ at bats to.

From: David Short on
john smith wrote:
> In regard to the 5th outfielder either being Taveras or Dickerson. It
> has to be Dickerson hands down if you disregard salary. I don't think
> Taveras is a guy who can sit for long periods of time and then be
> productive.

Easy enough to fix that last bit.
I don't think Taveras is a guy who can be productive.

No need to get all fancy about it. He's never been a good major league
player. Even in his "better" years, he wasn't good.

Walt and Dusty should know that.

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