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> > I knew Moyer was known to give up many HR's - but I had no idea how
> > many. Surely, this article doesn't mean the most "literally" does it?
> > Or just the most by a Phil? But he keeps on winning. That is what
> > Aaron has to do. If you're going to give one up, try to not let it be
> > with two or more on base. That's when the real damage IMO happens.
> > You're team is up four or three and you give up a three run johnson
> > and it changes everything. Moyer is getting up there in wins, so a
> > pitcher can give up HR's and keep winning. Just saying.
> No, it means that Moyer is #1 of all pitchers in HR's allowed for a
> career. "Rapid Robin" Roberts would likely have the Phillies' record
> since he gave up 402 HR's as a member of the Phillies.
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Copy that Thomas. Thanks. :-)