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On Thu, 08 Oct 2009 09:13:30 -0400, David Short
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>Where the rulebook says "draw the line" is where the line has to be
>drawn. MLB has a culture of competitive creative cheating and that's
>part of what fed the PED shamefest.

I don't disagree, just putting it in context. Pine tar to a pitcher
is a minor offense compared to scuffing, cutting or "spitter"
substances because it doesn't affect the flight of the ball in an
upredictable way. I'd say a lot of pitchers and more than a few
hitters don't even really think of it as cheating at all.

Much like putting pine tar too far up the handle is a violation, but
even if it happens to be a miniscule advantage (much debated), it's
a minor offense compared to cork and most pitchers wouldn't even bat
an eye.