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ng_reader <wilgrow_co(a)> wrote:
>On 7/24/2010 3:19 PM, Steven M. O'Neill wrote:
>> ng_reader<wilgrow_co(a)> wrote:
>>> Halladay had 117 pitches in his 8 innings pitched
>>> Atlanta lost.
>>> Day game alert.....
>> Phils are on Fox, but this being NYC, we are stuck with the
>> Mets/Dodgers.
>> Today's pitching matchup does not look favorable, but
>> they still have to play it. Maybe that Greg Gross will whip 'em
>> into shape.
>I guess Chollie put on his "Executive" cap and decided to find a scapegoat.
>All things considered, might have been his only move.
>As for you, yep, hope it works...

I think it worked. Nice game. How about that Kyle Kendrick?

>And, I'd like to add, I *think* GG was a better hitter than Uncle Milty.
>But, maybe I don't remember so clearly.

Is't Gross the all-time Phillies leader in pinch hits? Sort of
a strange distinction.

Steven O'Neill steveo(a)
Brooklyn, NY
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